Sandeep Yadav

Manager | India

Sandeep is an Azure DevOps Solution Architect at Capgemini uses Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline to build and deploy changes to Azure Cloud. Sandeep has worked and implemented several complex DevOps implementations from inception to Delivery. Lately Sandeep has worked in Heathrow account where he provisioned Landing Zone and set it to the Desired State Configuration (DSC) to deploy the applications for different env like Dev, Test, Pre-Prod and Prod this helps the landing zones to evolve independently. A DevOps framework to deliver: CI/CD Build and Release Pipeline for provisioning landing zone (PaaS services). Setup a CI CD pipeline to do the application deployment on the provisioned environment. Agile Management Information methodology. Code Quality using Sonar Cloud. Also worked on a BigData project for a Retail client for building and deploying the data pipelines using Azure Data Factory and data transformation using Azure Databricks, also performing the Test Automation of data pipelines using QuerySurge and leveraging the QuerySurge Test Management Connection API for automated Test execution.