Robbert van Alen

Program Director | Netherlands

Robbert van Alen is both a seeker of value and a maker of value. Seeking value is what he does as advisor of senior management on topics like using value to prioritize the change initiatives for their organization and selecting the way of change delivery that is most suitable and feasible. The making of value he facilitates in roles like project manager, program manager and interim manager. Always Robbert applies three angles to this. Firstly, defining the pursued value, usually as benefits in a business case, and monitoring the benefits realization. Secondly, creating the right team of experts for designing and delivering the change. This often involves combining contemporary- and more established information technologies. Thirdly, assuring that the organization can manage the change sufficiently. All of this relates to portfolio management, the organizational capability to determine and monitor the right mix of changes. Current portfolio management themes include the prioritization of change initiatives and the agile delivery of change. All of this is summed up in Robbert’s focus on the influence of portfolio management on delivering change with a focus on the pursued value.