Philippe Rambaud

Data Scientist | Ph.D. Student | France

Philippe joined SogetiLabs Paris for his final-year internship at the end of his Master’s Degree in “Big Data & Analytics.” After working on a brain-human interface project, SogetiLabs proposed he pursues a Ph.D. thesis. Thus, in collaboration with LISN, a Université Paris-Saclay laboratory, and the pediatric department of Raymond Poincaré Hospital in Garches (France), he started working on: “Videographic Analysis of Spontaneous Motor Skills in Newborns and Children.” As a result, Philippe is now passionate about Anomaly Detection and XAI (Explainable AI), two technologies with huge possibilities for the medical field. In parallel, he participates in the R&D department of SogetiLabs France, where he conducts Data/IA projects, suggests his expertise on Sogeti events, and takes care of several interns.

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