Nikit Malkan

Senior Consultant | USA

• Sogetian for 2.5 years. • 1st place team developer for 2017 Summer New Hire Academy. • 1st place team developer for Innovation Accelerator 2018 Way-Fi project. • Columbus unit SME for mobile applications, VR, and AR for 2018 and 2019. • Active member of the Columbus game development community. • Pursuing higher education in the form of a MS degree in computer science. • Recognized high potential within Sogeti each year (2017, 2018, 2019). • Promoted due to recognized accomplishments within local unit. Associate Consultant (2017) → Consultant (2018) → Senior Consultant (2019). • Invited to speak at end of year 2019 Sogeti EOY meeting for local unit about digital transformation. • Currently a mentor for 2 Sogetians. At Current Client: • Currently working on an Alexa skill to allow client to engage with customers on alternative platforms. • Created the foundation for a service layer enabling the rapid development of interactive experiences. • Wrote a lazy loading library for media to improve webpage performance and responsiveness. • Established proper tooling ecosystem including version control and a build system to enable Sogeti developers meet modern web standards and improve code base.