Matthew Elmore

Manager - Software Development & Integration | United States

Matthew Elmore, with 20+ years of experience in development of distributed systems, joined Sogeti Des Moines in June 2013 as a Manager Consultant specializing in Java technologies with a focus on Web Service Architecture and Design. A longtime practitioner of TDD, BDD and Agile Methodologies his practice of software craftsmanship was quickly recognized which led to him taking leadership of the Des Moines SD & I practice later that summer of 2013. While maintaining a focus on Java technologies, Matt continues to pick up 1-2 new languages and frameworks per year as he has for the last 15 or so years. This has allowed him to identify many solutions that don’t necessarily fit into the classic Java or .Net mold. Matt has developed training in TDD, BDD, paired programming and source control and continues to develop new training courses and materials. Matt led the SD & I Enterprise Architecture special interest group for 2014. Matt led the effort in the Des Moines unit to implement a more standardized technical interview process. Matt stepped away from the practice manager role for 2015 in order to focus on providing solution architecture services and to develop training to strengthen Sogeti’s technical image and delivery capabilities Matt is active in his community through speaking, volunteering, and user group participation.  His speaking engagements include: I 380 Java Users Group Central Iowa Java Users Group Iowa Ruby Brigade PyOwa Python Users Group Agile Iowa Iowa .Net Users Group Iowa State University Computer Science and Engineering Club The topics he can be heard speaking on include: Agile Practices Software Craftsmanship Application Architecture Continuous Integration and Delivery Matt is a leader and technical resource for the Des Moines Charity Hackathon.