Julia Di Russo

Data Scientist | Netherlands

I was born in the Southern French city Marseille where I have lived for 20 years. After studying a full year in the UK, I refused to return to my sunny hometown and arrived in the Netherlands in 2014, where I graduated with a Master in Data Science 2 years later. While I have been working as a Data Scientist for several years, I initially started working in the country as a Sales representant for the online marketing business. Bringing this combination together allows me to have a unique look on the technology world and its challenges. I have a passion for writing and have been blogging about my views & experiences as a Data Scientist, but I also enjoy reflecting on leadership and the use of technology in online articles. Even though most of my time is spent programming in Python, I like to look at the storytelling side of Data Science and answer deeper questions about the needs around the data world and nowadays leadership. I like to reflect on questions such as how to bring out the best out of a programmer, how to keep Data Scientists happy, what the main issues are that Data Science is currently facing or how to best teach and learn the required skills to be successful.