Joachim Wolf

Director Cybersecurity & Business Group Manager | Germany

Joachim Wolf has been working in IT consulting for over a decade and has already successfully survived several positions. He started his career in the operational testing business as junior tester to gain initial experience with the structured quality approach. After his first few years at Sogeti, he went into Engagement Level Career to set up a global test factory for the automotive sector in Germany. After 9 very successful years with the customer, he has proven his quality by setting up another managed test factory in the financial sector. Before he took over the overall responsibility for the locations Frankfurt and Stuttgart together with an awesome team. After two intensive years of challenges and successes, he joined the Cybersecurity Team in Germany. In his non-business life, Joachim has been a passionate player and great friend of traveling around the world. Other cultures and places inspire him always to learn something new. He is a continuous disruptive leader in our global organization and a bridge builder between silos.