Jacques Mezhrahid

Innovation Director | France

Jacques holds a Master Degree in Civil engineering from “Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries de Strasbourg” (1983). He began his career working for Marseille’s local government where he was in charge of implementing a real time system to manage and control all traffic light signals and PLC. This was the trigger to work on IT and think about taking all benefits of this technology. For 25 years, Jacques has been working in the software services industry and was involved in various and innovative projects for different market sectors: aerospace for a 3D system replacing manual tools, first web sites and E-commerce generations and new toll system, etc. Jacques has been the National Practice Manager in charge of building and pushing new set of offerings for Sogeti France since 2009 especially in Custom Software development and Managed Services. Since 1989, Jacques played various roles within Software Companies in order to help customers understand, choose and implement new technologies within their environment. This actvity means and implies to be always interested not only by the “pure” technology aspects but also and always by what IT means and how to take full benefit of it. Leading the innovation topic for Sogeti France since 2010, he contributes to install a new way of Innovation Management, pushing a mindset based on demonstrating the innovation added value for Sogeti and our clients as well. The first edition of “Insight on innovation n01” published in 2010 described briefly and pragmatically this new mindset. In the meantime, he is acting as sponsor for theDefiH contest, an original way to mix innovation and social responsibility by offering new solutions for disabled people in order to be more “Digital Inclusive“. Such transformation also includes Sogeti France ecosystem i.e., clients, alliances and new partners in more than 28 innovative projects. All results of this “journey” have been published in the second edition of “Insight on innovation”. In charge of Digital Convergence Offering for Sogeti France since 2012 combining mobility, collaboration, architecture and Big data, he and his team are developing solutions, skills and expertises within the company in order facilitate the Digital Transformation run of our clients.