Henrik Rendahl

Cloud Solution Architect | Sweden

I started my career as an infrastructure specialist. This was an exciting time since we saw the emergence of TCP/IP, interconnected networks, advanced routing and then finally it all came together into what we today call the Internet. When I saw the signs of this change, I left the world of local area networks and started the move to web technologies instead. At first it was mainly webservers since most sites used statics content but it didn’t take long before the web evolved into more dynamic solutions which in turn led me into the wonderful world of databases. I was lost in this world for quite some time but eventually I found a way out in the form of integrations. This was the perfect match for me since I had both the required infra skills combined with a good grip of how to handle data. After a few years in different on-prem settings another great leap happened, Cloud Technologies!! Right from the start it really amazed me, and I have since then been lost in the wonders and glory of it all. I been involved in a wide variety of cloud projects since then, but the golden thread is still my passion for data. On a more personal level I have a strong belief that you should always try give everyone in the room their own voice. There are many methods to accomplish this, but I think it all starts with a language that everyone understands. This creates a safe zone in which everyone contributes to the common goal. Another area that I try to highlight as often as possible is the power of making tech available to everyone, a.k.a. democratization of technology.

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