Dave Sugrue

Senior Digital Manager/Solution Architect | Ireland

Even before studying Business Information Systems in University, I have always enjoyed exploring new tech and tools. From playing in Basic as a young child on a ZX Spectrum, to messing with bat files on a DOS/Windows PC to automate tasks. Since graduating almost 15 years ago, I have spent most of my time working in Banking, where the mantra was “if it ain’t broke, don’t even think about changing anything”, 10-year old systems are considered “new” and the definition of “fit-for-purpose” was “the system does what users needed it to do 20 years ago when it was introduced”. But rather than surrendering to this restrictive environment, I found that it was ripe for disruption. Successfully introducing even a tiny bit of modern technology, thinking and practices turned heads and, over time, resulted in the impression that I was a magician and quickly found myself asked to be involved in and often leading in most of the main innovative and modernisation initiatives. From moving away from COBOL services to Java EJB on mainframe to Java Spring exposing REST APIs to Microservices. From strict waterfall, to “somewhat agile” to Scrum to co-located DevOps teams adhering to 1-week sprints with production releases at the end of every sprint. From Word documents on a shared network drive that nobody ever read or updated to wikis used and maintained by all interested parties. From worshipping a spreadsheet to championing the user. From simply writing code that satisfies a requirement to thinking “how will this be delivered, maintained, reused and built-upon?”. Since joining Sogeti in 2017, I have brought this innovative thinking to both my team and to clients. With every client I have been in, I have introduced new tooling for them, not just to assist with the specific client delivery but to help them with other and future projects. As an architect, my proposed solutions have been not just about meeting the immediate wants of the client, but using the latest tech trends and thinking to ensure that the solution meets the future needs of the client. Internally, within teams of developers, I have pushed the agile agenda, introduced modern tooling and concepts and encouraged the exploration of the latest technologies, especially with grads/juniors while on the bench.