Cecile Montgiraud

Application Consultant / Functional Manager SogetiLabs Grand-East | France

I have always wanted to be a researcher in health science to help discover new therapies and treatments. After my degree, I started my career in biology, more specifically in the diagnosis area. I specialized in bioinformatics using big data concerning patients and medical analysis. Through this experience, I have discovered the informatics sector which I kept developing in order to eventually work in IT. I joined Sogeti in 2017 and got specialised in quality and delivery as I have been in charge of several projects for various clients in the hotel, public, energy and rail sectors. In 2020, I was nominated to co-manage the SogetiLabs Grand Est, based in the East of France. Today, I can proudly contribute to our R&D projects with activities such as Agile coaching and Product Owner management, and the following of R&D and IA activities. It is a true pleasure to build new skills through this organization while sharing my experience to help our project grow.