Carlos Ribeiro Simoes

Business Group Manager | Germany

Carlos Ribeiro is business group manager (practice manager) within the German High Tech market unit GmbH since 2008. He is responsible for all the activities around analytical and numerical simulation activities including structural testing. The field incorporates not only static/strength, fatigue & damage tolerance and testing of structures, but as well a strong R&D field focusing on Hightech skills (optimization, non-linear, virtual testing, and know how management). He is deeply involved in talent management of the German unit. His studies started at University of Luxemburg. After one year he moved his studies to RWTH-Aachen in Germany to focus on aerospace engineering. He joined Future Engineering GmbH as design and development engineer within secondary structure of airplanes in 2005. His main tasks were different design activities of secondary structure of A380. Two years later FuE GmbH joined Sogeti High Tech in 2007. This gave him the opportunity to go back to his roots of mechanics of lightweight structures. After an introduction of F&DT in Toulouse he went back to Hamburg where he supported the development of the field of static/strength during the transition FUE GmbH to Sogeti Hightech GmbH. His focus during that time was the diversification within the customer and set up of an additional R&D field. From 2008 his responsibilities as business group manager are competence building, business development and business administration activities. Until 2013 the team grew up to 100 colleagues built of different nations with different engineering background including PhDs to bachelor engineers.