Arthur Veisseire

Data Science – Artificial Intelligence | France

After graduating from the French Engineering School “Arts et Métiers ParisTech”, Arthur started his career with a business analyst’s position in a financial software editor company based in Paris. He then took the position of team leader of the IT business controlling team in the 3rd largest shipping company worldwide. Using his mathematics skills acquired during his studies, he moved to the Data Science’s field. Passionate with Data, he enjoys doing his best to find the machine learning’s model that fits the data the best, to get the most accurate results. Currently working on a Data Science’s project for a French multinational company operating worldwide in rail transport markets, he aims at expanding the scope of his knowledge by contributing to any project related to artificial intelligence, from the discovery of new machine learning algorithm, to natural language processing, image processing or collaborative recommender system. By giving Data Science training in a French Engineering School in Toulon, he also has the occasion to share his passion with others.

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