Arnauld Mascret

R&D Security Team | France

Arnauld Mascret has been a member of the R&D security team of Sogeti Group since 2009. Now he is the team leader and in this new role he is responsible for innovation and anticipation in security. Before joining Sogeti, he worked for 4 years as a freelancer in web development. Using open source software as basic tools, he offered to his customers improvements in accessibility, ergonomics and security with a real impact on efficiency and shorter development time. During these 4 years, he also worked as a teacher for an online school where he taught his students how to participate on open source projects and new technologies. After joining the R&D lab of Sogeti and working as a security researcher, his main field of expertise was web security. He worked on projects whose aim was to find software vulnerabilities but his main interest was the use of socials networks and their impact on security. His studies were published in international conferences.