Arnab Chattopadhyay

Senior Director | P&ES | Cybersecurity

A Techno-strategist, developed expertise to provide solutions to complex problems in the area of Cyber Security, carrying about 25 years of experience of working both in large organizations and start-ups across the globe. Cyber Security, Machine Learning, Distributed Systems, Telecom Networks, Software Engineering and Architecture are my key areas of expertise. A Master of Science from University College London, Arnab has worked for 14+ years in UK, primarily with BT in various roles that include research and development, consulting and building system architecture. This stint was followed by his roles in Silicon Valley where he had provided technology leadership to more than one Start-Up. Arnab is a holder of a USPTO Patent (granted) on content classification (USPTO 9,348,901) He is a passionate, hands-on technologist with a keen interest in learning and sharing. He loves outdoors that includes playing cricket and mountaineering. He also has been fortunate to work across the globe and is currently enjoying the variety of cultures and adopting them when needed.

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