Alexandre Poncin

Consultant statistician | Luxembourg

I am graduated from the Université Catholique de Louvain and I obtained my PhD in the field of psychology at the Université du Luxembourg. More specifically, I acquired expertise in neurosciences, learning, numerical cognition, data management, development of experimental design and quantitative analyses. I wrote research reports and published empirical and theoretical scientific studies in expert reviews. For example: “Units first or tens first: Does language matter when processing visually presented two-digit numbers?” (submitted for publication); “Units first or tens first: How bilingualism affects two-digit number transcoding?” (submitted for publication); “Are parity and magnitude status of Arabic digits processed automatically? An EEG study using the fast-periodic visual stimulation.” (in preparation). Moreover, I published a literature review: “L’apprentissage de l’arithmétique chez les individus bilingues” (2018). I master statistic software such as R, SPSS, JAMOVI and JASP. My scientific training gives me skills in inferential statistics, Bayesian statistics, psychometry and questionnaire building.