Alberto Alonso Marcos

Advance Analytics | Data Science | PUG Spain

My name is Alberto Alonso. Actually I work with Sogeti Spain in Business Intelligence Department with Microsoft Technologies. My profile is very orientated to customer, and how the DATA can improve the organization. My first steps in the data management were in the Pharmaceutical Sector. (I´m pharmaceutical too). I worked hard to extract and built procedures for gathering all the information across the organization. Measurement all kind of events. Aggregating different sources like ERP, LIMS, HVAC, OEE tools, and productivity machine reports. Second time, I deployed ML process to improve yield in the granulation step of Diclofenaco. Nowadays in Sogeti I work for many customer in Business Intelligence projects. The most advance projects in which I have worked are based in supervised learning and classification´s algorithm. They used R into TSQL and SQL Server 2016 R. Currently, I have finished the learning path of Microsoft Professional Program for Data science and I have started the Data Scientist Master course from UOC University.