Jesper Christensen

Jesper Bo Christensen

Jesper started his career in Testing in 1998 on nationally and globally enterprise scaled software and began working on Test Automation in 2008. He has experience across a wide range of business verticals such as Telco, Public Sector, DWH/BI Delivery, Financial Services, Retail, Utilities, Mobility, Life Sciences, and Medical Devices. Jesper’s attention to detail on business and automation processes is a continued focus into which he brings his passion for innovation within Test Automation technology enablers. He applies this to Cognitive QA and has developed our business friendly and linguistic sustainable test design model and framework of cross-functional dialogue enabling folder- and object-structures. As an ‘Agile Test Automation Architect’ role at customers he builds and leverages on relationships with other clients as well as partnering tool vendors. This collaboration inspires Jesper to boldly propose innovative features getting developed and applied. A diligent and analytical approach enables Jesper to provide our customers with a tools agnostic assessed and hands-on practical overview of how to realize the value adding enablers of test tools, in order to help them monitor and report on the quality of enterprise software integrated business processes and functionality. Aligned with future predictions of Sogeti’s most recent “World Quality Report”, Jesper is at the forefront of how Test Automation tooling develops and integrates eliminating test debt. Complementing the approach outlined in Sogeti’s “Quality for DevOps teams” book, he’s also convinced that real DevOps requires real Continuous Testing which calls for ‘no-but-allowing-code’ tooling which utilize AI-empowering Model Based Testing (MBT) provisioned coverage and tests as well as Machine Learning, self-healing, Natural Language Processing (NLP), human-eye object recognition. With this approach Jesper is ready to practice the 3rd Test Automation era in which ultimately Test Automation itself is to be automated.

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