Maximilien Oberlis

Digital Innovation Manager | France

Maximilien joined the group in 2013 after graduating from a master in engineering with a specialization in Telecommunications. He first intervened as an R&D Developer on video processing and AR dedicated to mobile platforms. After showing skills with innovation and projects financing, he operated successively in pre-sales and consulting in data or mobility strategy. He also proved to be an efficient coach twice for two different teams participating in the “Defi H” competition. All along the way, he has been responsible for an innovative projects portfolio, partnerships with R&D actors such as computer science laboratories and engineering schools in Aquitaine, France. His opinion on digital innovation and its ability to sustain business transformations enabled him to be recognized as a Capgemini Expert in Digital Transformation in 2015.

*Opinions expressed on this blog reflect the writer’s views and not the position of the Sogeti Group