Kevin Whitehorn

Head of Delivery for the Microsoft Practice | United Kingdom

Kevin Whitehorn joined Sogeti UK in October 2012 as the Head of Delivery for the Microsoft Practice in Sogeti UK.  Kevin has been working in the IT industry for more than 13 years mainly focusing on Desktop and Infrastructural Management which has provided him with an extensive technical, managerial and solution delivery experience. During his career, Kevin has focused a large part of his attentions on the effective delivery of projects and the simplification of process in order to minimize redundancy and save costs wherever possible. This has been born from his passion for to “make all things lean” and the simplification of processes. His eagerness to transfer knowledge and develop others has made him one of the key mentors within Sogeti UK. He has a keen eye for innovative and encouraging the use of new technologies to keep up with the demands of clients and the growing need to be more effective. He continually teaches his mentoree’s to focus on minimizing cost whenever possible whilst also improving quality of service and minimizing risk. Generally, his areas of expertise have been focus in the following areas: Endpoint Computing Virtual Desktop Computing Infrastructural Management Solution more recently Office 365 Before joining Sogeti, one of Kevin’s more recent VDI solutions developed for Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, UK to showcase the University’s progressive stance on technology won it applauds from around the I.T. community and was a finalist at VMWorld. His primary mission now, is to help clients to make the best decision possible in regards to the shaping and delivery of solutions which best fit the needs of the clients.

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