Karen Oniboni

Project Director | High Tech

Karen Oniboni has been project director for Sogeti High Tech since 2011. In this role she has to ensure the delivery quality of a set of projects, and to develop the Sogeti High Tech footprint on domains such as the High Performance Computing in the service of the scientific computation. Karen began her career in 2003 when she integrated the Sogeti High Tech group, after an INSA diploma in mathematics and modelisation. She firstly took part to scientific computation experiences in fatigue and fluids mechanics. Through those activities she learnt all the basics of her work: supporting & training people, managing project and team, comprehending international contextes, capitalizing good practices. Step by step she extended her Airbus aerodynamic perimeter with other customers such as Turbomeca, EADS-IW, the CEA DAM, TOTAL equipped with two main ideas: Sogeti High Tech provides an interface between the IS world and the research one, and Sogeti High Tech is able to speed up and secure the scientific production by providing High Performance Computing and industrialization advices.

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