Joleen van der Zwan

Business Analyst | Netherlands

Joleen van der Zwan is a Business Analyst at Sogeti Netherlands with a specialization in new techonologies and a passion for innovation. Joleen has a diverse background in media, retail, health care, aviation and banking industries. With Sogeti’s service the TechnologyMonitor, she provides customers with insights and advice on new technologies related to their strategy. Previously, she setup a Greenfield business intelligence environment for NRC Media, one of The Netherland’s two leading news companies. This provided the business with insights they used to drastically change their marketing strategy. Joleen is experienced in project management, business analysis, information architecture, account management and business intelligence. Her latest main interest is in blockchain. Joleen is always up to date with the latest developments in technology. And knows how to apply this due to her training in strategy and design thinking for innovation.

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