Jesper Kråkhede

National Driver Cybersecurity | Sweden

Jesper Kråkhede has had a long and diverse career within as disparate areas as social worker and security architect. From 1995 till 1998 he worked as a social worker/IT-responsible but decided to quit the same day a client tried to stab him with a screwdriver. After attending different courses he started as an infrastructure consultant at MercatoR 1998 where he started looking more deeply into the field of security. 2001 he moved on to G2 Solutions for a year where the focus area was secure coding. In 2002 he joined Capgemini as an infrastructure engineer and soon began to build a security practice. As Jesper is a very curious person he has worked in all fields of security from pen testing to security strategy but the last eight years his primary focus has been security architecture and compliance. During his last years at Capgemini he was known as Mr. PCI. As a security architect he was engaged in assignments all over the world. 2012 he decided to move forward and started his own company, Coresafe, that 1,5 years later was sold to Ekelöw InfoSecurity where he stayed for yet a few years. His primary focus then was CSA investigations and security architecture. In 2014 he joined Sentor for a very brief time to build a concept named Security Office but as it happened to be Sentor decided to not move forward with that at the same time as Jesper was asked to lead Cyber Security within Sogeti in Sweden where he started in November 2014. Since then he has both been engaged as a consultant and a business developer with the target to have a team of 20 security consultants end of 2015.

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