Hans Lantink

Senior Test Consultant | Netherlands

Hans started his IT career at Sogeti Netherlands. He grew consistently from junior test engineer to his current role of senior test consultant. Hans has a passion to share his knowledge with colleagues and therefore he is a regular teacher of Agile, Scrum, DevOps and various communication trainings within the Sogeti Academy. Within Sogeti Hans developed several different training courses and with the upcoming of the Agile movement Hans has specialized in the “human side” of Agile and working in Scrum or DevOps teams. With his new and sometimes provoking ideas and insights he inspires colleagues and challenges them to form their own opinion. As a speaker for Sogeti Hans has visit many clients to present his vision and ideas. He shares his vision and helps companies understand what shifting to agility means. Among other events Hans has been a speaker on the TMap days of Sogeti. A social, positive, creative thinker with a big Sogeti hart. Strong in 1-on-1 communication and a nice guy, that’s Hans

*Opinions expressed on this blog reflect the writer’s views and not the position of the Sogeti Group