Wim De Groote

Digital Architect Leading in Digital Business | Belgium

Wim has been working in IT for all of my careers. Fist at university, then 7 years at a local systems integrator, 7 years at EDS/HP, and now 7 years at Sogeti. His general interests include sales, profitability (business models and innovation) and deliver-what-we-promise. His IT interests include Digital Transformation, software requirements (IEEE SWEBOK), software metrics (Function Point Analysis cost estimation & Software Analytics), development methodologies (Agile and other), Collaboration and Analytics, Semantic Web (Linked Open Data/Web 3.0) and the Blockchain. He has earned 115 Microsoft Virtual Academy certificates. I have several certificates from OpenHPI / Open SAP including Semantic Web, Starting a Business in IT and BPMN. I have certificates from various university MOOC’s, including certificates in digital currencies (BitCoin) and Enterprise Architecture (TOGAF).

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