Expert talk: @AshDamle, @bradleyvoytek and @mchui on how to turn data into meaningful information

There is a notable difference between data and information. Data is everywhere. It’s unorganized, hard to decipher and smothering. Information is what happens when data gets curated into meaningful points that matter to the end user. So what about this process of turning data into information?

We have talked to some experts on this matter. In this Expert Talk Ash Damle (CEO of, Bradley Voytek (Neuroscientist) and Michael Chui (Senior at McKinsey Global Institute) talk about how we can turn data into knowledge, how we still need people to make sense of it all and

Ash Damle: “What have really surprised us, is the amount of data you need to make sense of data. The question is how do we move from data to intelligence”

Bradley Voytek: “We have a lot of data, but we have to know what to do with it. It still takes people to be able to look through that and try to turn it into something meaningful”

Michael Chui: “We need to educate people so that they are able to understand what the data actually means”


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