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IBM tries to bolster cloud growth with developer tools

A women holds her laptop as she walks in front of a cloud computing logo at the booth of IBM during preparations for the CeBIT trade fair in Hanover, March 9, 2014. REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

A women holds her laptop as she walks in front of a cloud computing logo at the booth of IBM during preparations for the CeBIT trade fair in Hanover, March 9, 2014. REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – IBM’s efforts to bolster its cloud offerings could get a boost from new developer tools it is unveiling on Thursday.

The tools are aimed at helping IBM stake out more of a claim to an area key to its growth: the network of computers known as the cloud, where its customers are increasingly stashing more of their data and computing work.

In doing so, they often sidestep more expensive IBM technology, meaning IBM needs to bolster its own cloud offerings to compete.

The new tools help developers work faster, build more functions into existing software applications and create predictive analytics apps. They form part of IBM’s Bluemix service, designed for building Web and mobile apps.

Internet-based companies like accommodation service Airbnb and ride-service Uber have relied heavily on cloud-based software development. As well as attracting developers who work on projects for newer companies, IBM hopes to attract more established companies with which it has long-term relationships.

“IBM has a tremendous asset,” Derek Schoettle, general manager for IBM’s analytics platform and cloud data services, said of its customer base. “Helping them taking advantage of cutting-edge data services is a built-in advantage.”

The offerings compete against toolkits offered by Microsoft and others, he said, but offer more management.

Once built on IBM’s platform, the apps will be compatible with services offered by many cloud providers.

Over 100,000 apps a month are launched using Bluemix, IBM said.

When IBM reported its financial results last month, it said that while revenue fell overall to $81.7 billion for the year, cloud revenue grew 43 percent to $10 billion.

(Reporting by Sarah McBride; Editing by Peter Cooney)

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Machine Intelligence | Executive Introduction

MI - CoverAfter Mobile, Big Data and the Internet of Things, Machine Intelligence (MI) is The Next Big Thing. Machine Intelligence is the accelerator of these predecessors. With an impending breakthrough of Machine Intelligence, the interesting question is what change that will bring. In a series of reports on MI, Sogeti’s trend watchers explore the potential impact, starting with a first report giving an executive introduction to Machine Intelligence, followed by three additional reports.

Healthcare, industry, agriculture, advertising companies, security, so basically any sector, can all benefit from the MI framework and this will lead to serious “rethinking”. How did we use to do this in the past, and what is possible today? How will computers be able to assist – or even outpace, as you please – humans even more in the coming years? In our series of reports we dive into all these topics.

Download Machine Intelligence | Executive Introduction (English)

Top 10 Blogs of 2015: Disruption in Manufacturing: The Future Of Digital Factories


At Sogetilabs, We’re constantly collaborating with innovators within the community to understand the latest trends, innovations and technological advancements and how these innovations will impact our future.  As we wrap up 2015, We’re rewinding to look back at some of the popular blogs of the year.

Here’s the No.5 blog of 2015! ( This blog was originally published on 17th February 2015)

Yesterday I came across this research report from SCM World titled The Digital Factory: Game-Changing Technologies That Will Transform Manufacturing Industry. For this research they collaborated with MESA International on a joint survey to define the landscape of manufacturing technology tools and defining an investment priority timeline.

It shows that Big Data Analytics, Mobile Technologies and Robotics are defining the future of digital factories. In this post I want to highlight some of the findings and results from the report. [Read more…]



One of the things that I find the most fun in my work is when I get to be creative and get to inspire. This often happens when solving problems or thinking out-of-the-box. The latter is exactly what this post is about. The insurance industry is the first in hopefully a long series of blogs, that looks at how exactly Salesforce can make a difference.

[Read more…]

RoBIoTICS – The new promised land of convergence – Part II

robotics-handsmeetIn the first part of this series of blog posts, I spoke about two aspects of the new land of convergence – RoBIoTICS and the convergence between robotics and biology domains. Today, I look at the convergence of robotics and the Internet of Things.

RoB-IoT-ICS  – Convergence of Robotics and “Internet of Things” (IoT) domains

Internet of Things and Robotics are both highly synergistic domains. So what does the intersection of both mean?

Robotics and IoT are much more than connected devices. Robotics is actually a continuum: It moves from pure automation, which basically has devices sensing and acting, to robotics which connects and senses its environment and then acts in the physical world. Over the last ten years, a lot of communication technologies have been developed that directly supports the robotics industry sector. Some robotics sectors are actually using some direct research  from communication domains such as facial recognition or natural language processing.

The impact of IoT on Robotics starts with [Read more…]

RoBIoTics- The New Promised Land of Convergence – Part I


Los Angeles Times Betty Myrah served a cup of coffee from Unimate, a 3,500-pound robot

RoBIoTICS = A new land of convergence

Since the first industrial robot appeared in factories in the mid-twentieth century, robots have spread across to many domains – factories, the space, and more recently hospitals, homes or even your gardens!

Robots are a powerful factor of competitiveness, and their capabilities are evolving constantly, with new sensors, more processing power, or adaptation capabilities to their environment. A new generation of robots is emerging almost every year: playful or educational robots, robots for mobility assistance, body exploration, robotic prosthesis, robots embedded in cars, and so forth. Robots are in fact, becoming more anthropomorphic and potentially easier to accept for everyone.

However, there are still a lot of challenges ahead in many robotic domains such as personal robotics, automation/robotizing of transportation, medical robotics, robotics of exploration in hostile zones, robotics of services, miniaturization of robots, a formidable aspect being the  societal challenges of robotics. [Read more…]

RoBIoTICS – The New Promised Land of Convergence – Part III

Hi there! In my previous two posts, I spoke at length about the convergence between robotics-and-biology and robotics-and-the-Internet of Things. In the concluding post of this series, I take a close look at the ethics and challenges surrounding robotics.

RoBIo-Tics – The ethics challenge 

Robots could rapidly be part of our everyday’s life. But this “invasion” of robots in our lives faces some conflicts with some parts of society. Even if most robots are seen as friendly, there are detractors that have hostile reactions towards robots. A part of this hostility stems from the mis-conceptions that robots are created to participate in social interactions with humans, despite being aliens, or mechanical entities.

To overcome this hostility, researchers are working on [Read more…]

It’s the Windows 10 Platform, Stupid!

Last year I wrote about how Cloud redefines the platform we develop in It’s the platform, stupid. With the recent release of Windows 10, the platform vision becomes even more pronounced. Windows 10 is not just a new version of the Windows operating system; it’s the last version. There will be regular updates with new features and feature changes, to evolve Windows 10. It is not likely however that it will get a new version label like Windows 11. This idea is not new. Do you know the version number of Firefox or Chrome that you are running? And do you really care? These and many other applications are [Read more…]

Defi H Series (Part 4): Hospitalized children to find a new friend in “Cherry”

Logo CHERRYIn the fourth article of the series, we discuss how Cherry, a small humanoid robot – developed by the team that won the Public Award at the Defi H Competition – will help hospitalized children break social isolation and stay engaged in fun activities.

The motivation 

“What is  feared, above all, when children arrive at the hospital is isolation. For them, this is a moment when the bond with family and schoolmates can be broken. It could bring about a mental dropout and this is an extremely tough moment, which could lead to a high level of stress” said Professor Claire Majoufre, a surgeon at the CHU of Bordeaux. [Read more…]

Defi H Series (Part 3): HIPS to help the disabled find parking spots

HIPS LOGOIn the third article of the series, we discuss how the Handicap Intelligent Park System (HIPS) – developed by the team that won the Jeune Pousse Award at the Defi H Competition – will help the physically challenged people find a parking spot easily.

The need

When the team was contacting several NGOs to find a unique idea that could be developed into a solution during the Défi H competition, a representative of the Ivry-sur-Seine disability committee (Mission Handicap) pointed out, “It would be convenient if people with disabilities could find their parking spaces more easily.” Hence, the Team decided to take up the challenge!

How does the application work?

HIPS is an application that can be used by people possessing a disability card OR a parking card for disabled people.
The HIPS parking space detection device/captor installed/buried in the area would send a live stream to the HIPS mobile application, which in turn would update the status of the parking spaces. Consequently, the user would get to know in advance which parking space is available near his/her destination.

As of now, the App can be used on  Android and Windows Phones only. [Read more…]