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IoTMap : Sogeti launches a testing approach for IoT solutions

Sogeti launches a new book today called the “IoTMap – Testing in an IoT environment” and has been written by Sogeti Labs authors Tom van de Ven (Sogeti NL),  Jaap Bloem and Jean-Pascal Duniau (Sogeti High Tech).

The Internet of Things (IoT) gives us solutions made of a mix of expertise such as High Tech “Things”, mobile solutions and business intelligence. Not only do we need a wide range of test expertise for IoT testing but with “Things” we introduce sensors, actors, electronics and other hardware to the test scope. “IoTMap” gives insight in testing an Internet of Things solution.
Setting up an IoT test approach is explained in five clear steps. Using a simple IoT model, each step is described and put into IoT context. The authors put existing building blocks from the TMap Suite in IoT perspective and added some new ones. The book gives you all the handles you need to cope with the trend that less functional testing is asked and more “IoT-experience-testing” needs to be put in place.

An exciting future
Mapping out the Internet of Things is essentially a matter of testing. Take Google’s self-driving car. The vehicles have travelled a few million miles since the project started in 2009 but every day they drive twice as far in the lab. Before the rubber of new software hits the road, every single change is thoroughly tested in the simulator by virtually driving the total mileage history of the fleet. Autonomously and manually that is!

You may think this is typical of today’s nascent state the Internet of Things is in but continuously checking behavior and delivering software updates is already the norm during the entire life cycle of systems. From thermostats to smartwatches, turbines, toothbrushes, connected cars, and complete production plants. IoT simply means automation to the max.
The road to success for Internet of Things applications and systems is paved with continuous testing. That much is clear. IDC estimates there are currently 13 billion connected things. Over forty percent of worldwide IoT revenue currently comes from manufacturing, transportation, smart cities, and consumer applications. This is gradually changing.

Ongoing distruption
The ongoing disruption of value chains via machine-to-machine communication is forcing organizations to completely [Read more…]

Smart Miniature Living Room Demo at IoT Tech Day 2016

The miniature living room is a custom made box with a combination of custom made and third party hardware. There are several assets in the living room, like curtains, underfloor heating and lamps. Beside the assets there are a few sensors, like temperature and light sensors. Users can remotely control the assets in the room and there is a dashboard with the outcome of the sensor values. Tom van de Ven has written a book IoTMap : Testing in an IoT Environmen, this book will be published on 21st of April. The miniature living room is a prototype that will be tested according to the method, described in the book. With a layered model of an IoT solution the different aspects that make the IoT solution are categorised and per layer a test focus can be defined. In five clear steps an IoT test approach takes shape. Behind the scenes the data from the living room is transported to the Cloud. In this case IBM Bluemix and Microsoft Azure are used as Cloud platform. Both Clouds deliver the same functions, so the benefits of each Cloud platform are visible. Attendees witnessed that an IoT scenario uses a great diversity of technologies. After this session it is clear how to test such a scenario. Furthermore, the complete scenario, from hardware to Cloud and back, is shown and best practices are clear.

Tom van de Ven and Chris den Arend speak at the biggest European IoT seminar: IoT TechDay 2016.  Watch the video  to find out more about their session:

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Education


Our world as we know it is running on artificial intelligence. Siri manages our calendars. Facebook suggests our friends. Computers trade our stocks. We have cars that park themselves, and air traffic control is almost fully automated. Virtually every field has benefited from advances in artificial intelligence, from the military to medicine to manufacturing.

However, almost none of the recent advancements in artificial intelligence have advanced the education industry. Why is education lagging behind? Why has the momentum for artificial intelligence in education seemed to have largely faded in the past few years?

[Read more…]

IBM tries to bolster cloud growth with developer tools

A women holds her laptop as she walks in front of a cloud computing logo at the booth of IBM during preparations for the CeBIT trade fair in Hanover, March 9, 2014. REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

A women holds her laptop as she walks in front of a cloud computing logo at the booth of IBM during preparations for the CeBIT trade fair in Hanover, March 9, 2014. REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – IBM’s efforts to bolster its cloud offerings could get a boost from new developer tools it is unveiling on Thursday.

The tools are aimed at helping IBM stake out more of a claim to an area key to its growth: the network of computers known as the cloud, where its customers are increasingly stashing more of their data and computing work.

In doing so, they often sidestep more expensive IBM technology, meaning IBM needs to bolster its own cloud offerings to compete.

The new tools help developers work faster, build more functions into existing software applications and create predictive analytics apps. They form part of IBM’s Bluemix service, designed for building Web and mobile apps.

Internet-based companies like accommodation service Airbnb and ride-service Uber have relied heavily on cloud-based software development. As well as attracting developers who work on projects for newer companies, IBM hopes to attract more established companies with which it has long-term relationships.

“IBM has a tremendous asset,” Derek Schoettle, general manager for IBM’s analytics platform and cloud data services, said of its customer base. “Helping them taking advantage of cutting-edge data services is a built-in advantage.”

The offerings compete against toolkits offered by Microsoft and others, he said, but offer more management.

Once built on IBM’s platform, the apps will be compatible with services offered by many cloud providers.

Over 100,000 apps a month are launched using Bluemix, IBM said.

When IBM reported its financial results last month, it said that while revenue fell overall to $81.7 billion for the year, cloud revenue grew 43 percent to $10 billion.

(Reporting by Sarah McBride; Editing by Peter Cooney)

Source : www.

Applying Innovation – Your Permanent Business Beauty Contest

What is innovation? Is there a right time for innovation?

To put it simply, innovation is continuous renewal. It’s about finding, creating, and utilizing better ways to expand your business model, to grow your operational excellence, and to optimize customer intimacy.

Hear our experts, Frank Wammes – Chief Technology Officer, Continental Europe- Capgemini, and Jaap Bloem, Principal Analyst- Sogeti share their insights on how and when innovation should be applied.

[Read more…]

Machine Intelligence | Executive Introduction

MI - CoverAfter Mobile, Big Data and the Internet of Things, Machine Intelligence (MI) is The Next Big Thing. Machine Intelligence is the accelerator of these predecessors. With an impending breakthrough of Machine Intelligence, the interesting question is what change that will bring. In a series of reports on MI, Sogeti’s trend watchers explore the potential impact, starting with a first report giving an executive introduction to Machine Intelligence, followed by three additional reports.

Healthcare, industry, agriculture, advertising companies, security, so basically any sector, can all benefit from the MI framework and this will lead to serious “rethinking”. How did we use to do this in the past, and what is possible today? How will computers be able to assist – or even outpace, as you please – humans even more in the coming years? In our series of reports we dive into all these topics.

Download Machine Intelligence | Executive Introduction (English)

Top 10 Blogs of 2015: Disruption in Manufacturing: The Future Of Digital Factories


At Sogetilabs, We’re constantly collaborating with innovators within the community to understand the latest trends, innovations and technological advancements and how these innovations will impact our future.  As we wrap up 2015, We’re rewinding to look back at some of the popular blogs of the year.

Here’s the No.5 blog of 2015! ( This blog was originally published on 17th February 2015)

Yesterday I came across this research report from SCM World titled The Digital Factory: Game-Changing Technologies That Will Transform Manufacturing Industry. For this research they collaborated with MESA International on a joint survey to define the landscape of manufacturing technology tools and defining an investment priority timeline.

It shows that Big Data Analytics, Mobile Technologies and Robotics are defining the future of digital factories. In this post I want to highlight some of the findings and results from the report. [Read more…]

Top 10 Blogs of 2015: Machine Intelligence to Grow Your Company Culture of Big Data Analytics (Part I)


It’s that time of the year when we look back and celebrate some of the best contributions throughout the year. Here’s the No.9 Blog of the year!

By late 2014, Shivon Zilis took the semantic bull by the horns. She explains: “MI is a unifying term for what others call Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). When I called it AI, too many people were distracted by whether certain companies were ‘true AI,’ and when I called it ML, many thought I wasn’t doing justice to the more ‘AI-esque,’ like the various flavors of Deep Learning. People have immediately grasped Machine Intelligence, so here we are.”

Experience the power of Machine Intelligence and its flavors, and listen to Part I of Let Supercharged Machine Intelligence Grow Your Company Culture of Big Data Analytics in Capgemini’s new podcast series called “Data and The Hunch.”

Latest: A New Wave of Automation: a new report on Machine Intelligence

Hosting Your Own dHackathon – Design Thinking in Action

My SogetiLabs colleagues Sergio Compean, David Yancey and I recently hosted our first dHackathon (design thinking hackathon) for the consultants in our Sogeti North Texas office.  When you hear the word hackathon you may think programming, but this event was purely focused on learning early stage design concepts (empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test). [Read more…]

Coming to Grips with IT in 2016


When did you have a truly clarifying conversation around IT-related high-order concepts? I mean for instance Big Data or the Internet of Things? Since June 2011, the website is dedicated to this specific moving target. It’s a pet project of Mr. Gil Press, Forbes columnist and former Senior Director Thought Leadership Marketing at EMC Corporation. In October 2015, Dell bought EMC – famous for its Data Lake 2.0 approach – at a staggering 67 billion dollar, which qualifies as the largest deal in tech history ever. Image credit : google images [Read more…]