December 18, 2015

4yr old Girl tries Oculus Rift for the first time

BY :     December 18, 2015

I especially like her last comment when her dad is talking to her. “Dad, I can’t see you, because I’m in the movie”. And that’s the big game changer, by wearing the Oculus Rift people will become part of the movie, the game or any other virtual environment. They have transferred their mind into another environment.

Sander Duivestein


Sander Duivestein (1971) is a highly acclaimed and top-rated trendwatcher, an influential author, an acclaimed keynote speaker, a digital business entrepreneur, and a strategic advisor on disruptive innovations. His main focus is the impact of new technologies on people, businesses and society.

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  1. jos punter · December 18, 2015 Reply

    Damn no motion sicknes ?

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